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Did you know there was an Apex postage stamp in 1981?

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On the 6th of April 1981 Australia Post released a postage stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Apex. That of course was thirty years ago. The issue of a postage stamp in recognition of the Associations Jubilee was a great honour and reflected the high esteem in which Apex was held at that time.

The Apex first of day of issue coverThe first day of issue cover featuring the 22c Apex Jubilee stamp. The cover was issued at the Apex Jubilee Convention, Geelong. This cover is autographed by Apex Founders Ewan Laird on John Buchan.Australia Post has an extensive history or releasing stamps to commemorate anniversarys of events and organisations. The Apex Jubilee stamp features the (then) Apex logo 'leaping' out of a map of Australia, signifying Apex's Australia heritage.

"First Day Covers" featuring the stamp were able to be purchased from the Post Office, as well as from the Apex Jubilee Convention, which was held that year in Geelong - the birth place of the Association. The example featured at left has been autographed by two of the three Apex Founders - Ewan Laird and John Buchan.

More than 45 million stamps featuring this design were issued. The stamp was designed by P. Clark and it was printed using a photogravure process at the Reserve bank of Australia. The Comprehensive Colour Catalogue of Australian Stamps (2006) lists an unused example of the stamp as being worth .50c so the stamp hasn't appreciated in value all that much over the last 30 years.

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